UNT Pharmacy takes back used medications

medicationsThe Pharmacy at University of North Texas will take your unused prescription or over the counter drugs and dispose of them properly. Often when people have left over medicine they either keep them in the cupboard, which can be dangerous for children or for accidental use; or they put them down the sink or in the toilette, or toilette them. Our water system doesn’t currently filter pollutants from medications, so many times, if they are “toileted”, then the pollutants wind up in our drinking water.

 To keep our water systems clean and our students and faculty safe, anyone can bring their out of date medicines or unfinished prescriptions and rest assured that they will be properly disposed of. As there is currently not a formal program, many students and faculty members may not know that they are able to bring their unused drugs to campus for disposal. Pharmacist, Karen Knotts, said that they were hoping by next semester to have formal promotion, “so that people on campus will know that if they have something that’s old, or they can’t use, that they can bring it here.”

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