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did you know?
  1. UNT is ranked the greenest college campus in Texas by
  2. 18% of UNT undergraduates and 12% of graduate students use the A-Train to commute each week.
  3. The federal government could save nearly 30% in annual ink cost by exclusively using Garamond font.
  4. UNT buildings across campus have been renovated with motion sensors to reduce lighting costs. This initiative is part of a SMART energy performance contract with Schneider Electric.
  5. In 2012, UNT installed three community-size wind turbines adjacent to Apogee Stadium. Check out the live dashboard website and see the turbines in action.
  6. During WWII, "Rosie the Riveter" may have worked at defense plants in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but she learned to rivet at North Texas.
  7. Over 150 faculty engage in sustainability related research and education activities at UNT.
  8. In the Pohl Recreation center, students can do more than feel the burn, they can offset the burning of fossil fuels by using the 36 ReRev elliptical machines.
  9. UNT purchases electricity from Denton Municipal Electric, which purchases 40% wind energy for its customers.
  10. UNT annually publishes its emissions in a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report.
  11. The percentage of UNT students commuting by bicycle has increased by 6% since 2009.
  12. Three UNT dining halls offer tray-less dining to reduce water and energy consumption associated with dishwashing.
  13. For all new buildings, UNT has committed to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification or higher.
  14. UNT offers an all-vegan menu at Mean Greens Cafeteria in Maple Hall to help students eat healthy and lower their foodprint.
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Uyen Tran-Parsons
Role: Staff
Department: Director, Multicultural Programming
"The young people in my life motivate me to participate in sustainability efforts. I see how rapidly the world has changed in my short 30+ years and I feel obligated to make things better from them. My family has grown more aware of where our food comes from; how changing a few things in our life result in big savings; and the importance of preserving culture from one generation to the next."

recent stories

UNT Alumnus earns first Advanced Sustainability Certificate

DENTON, TX – UNT Sustainability presented the first Advanced Sustainability Certificate to UNT Alumnus, Juan Pagoada (’14), on Thursday, August 21. Pagoada completed over 30 hours in the Sustainability Leadership Program to earn his certification.

“I had the pleasure of teaching Juan during his time at UNT and am honored to award our first Advanced Sustainability Certificate to such a deserving former student,” Dr. Todd Spinks, UNT Sustainability Director, said. “His commitment to sustainability is evident, and I look forward to seeing him grow as a sustainability professional.”

The art of recycling

Story by: Margarita Venegas

Before UNT staff member Keith Chapman left the house for the Aug. 1 On My Own Time exhibition reception, his wife told him to be prepared to win.

Yet, it still came as a pleasant shock when his name was called for Best in Show, the highest award given at the annual exhibition which highlights artwork that UNT employees have done in their spare time.

Grinning widely, he said of his piece, The Pepperbox Special, “I’m glad because I thought some people might look at it and say, ‘It’s not art, it’s a bike!’”

New campus-wide recycling efforts will make UNT even greener

Story by: Leslie Minton

DENTON (UNT), Texas -- Outdoor recycling bins and solar trash compactors installed over the summer at the University of North Texas are giving students, faculty and staff more opportunities to keep recyclable materials out of landfills.

The new bins are part of a campus-wide effort led by UNT Sustainability and UNT Facilities to make recycling easier and more efficient at UNT. The program includes the installation of outdoor bins, and a reorganization of indoor recycling facilities backed up by a years-long research project UNT students conducted to monitor recycling behaviors.