New bike repair stations come to UNT

Two DERO bicycle repair stations were installed on campus earlier this semester. The bicycle stations are equipped with bicycle stands that have an air pump; both Phillips head and flat head screwdrivers; eight through 11 mm, 15 mm, and 32 mm wrenches; and a P-handle hex wrench for quick repairs. Finding other forms of transportation to campus can be difficult, but riding a bike allows the cyclist to be on their own schedule, save money on gas and car maintenance, and diminish the amount of pollution they produce.

The stations are located at the highest traffic bike racks in the student Union; one is on the North West side of the building by the first floor entrance, and the other is on the patio on the West side of the building near the entrance of the Eagle Student Center. Students can make repairs and air up tires from the comfort of their own campus and get back on the road without missing a beat. The stations also show visitors that we are a bike friendly campus, and may inspire visiting, soon to be students to bring bikes with them when they come to UNT. They are convenient and beneficial additions to our campus that will help us stay committed to reducing our carbon emissions and to becoming a greener campus.

bike repair stations youtube video

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