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The art of recycling

Story by: Margarita Venegas

Before UNT staff member Keith Chapman left the house for the Aug. 1 On My Own Time exhibition reception, his wife told him to be prepared to win.

Yet, it still came as a pleasant shock when his name was called for Best in Show, the highest award given at the annual exhibition which highlights artwork that UNT employees have done in their spare time.

Grinning widely, he said of his piece, The Pepperbox Special, “I’m glad because I thought some people might look at it and say, ‘It’s not art, it’s a bike!’”

New campus-wide recycling efforts will make UNT even greener

Story by: Leslie Minton

DENTON (UNT), Texas -- Outdoor recycling bins and solar trash compactors installed over the summer at the University of North Texas are giving students, faculty and staff more opportunities to keep recyclable materials out of landfills.

The new bins are part of a campus-wide effort led by UNT Sustainability and UNT Facilities to make recycling easier and more efficient at UNT. The program includes the installation of outdoor bins, and a reorganization of indoor recycling facilities backed up by a years-long research project UNT students conducted to monitor recycling behaviors. 

UNT Sustainability Staff Trains Educators in Mexico

This summer, four UNT Sustainability representatives traveled to SuBire Business School in Guadalajara, Mexico to provide professional development to K-12 educators. The instruction focused on how to integrate sustainability concepts into curricula and how to teach and use sustainability as a mindset and methodology. The visit was part of an ongoing partnership between the schools that began in Spring 2012.

During their visit, Nicole Cocco, Kim Gideon, Ana Trevino, and Fernanda Mendez presented on several topics including learning strategies for teaching sustainability, creative activity brainstorming for the classroom, and teaching and understanding systems thinking.