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UNT Purchases BigBelly Solar for Outdoor Waste and Recycling

DENTON, TX – The University of North Texas received a shipment of 50 BigBelly Solar sets on Monday, June 2. The We Mean Green Fund, a student environmental service fee, and UNT Facilities purchased the solar compactors as part of a new recycling standard taking effect across UNT’s Denton campus this fall.

First Ecology for Environmental Science graduates

Story by: Leslie Wimmer

Studying aquatic insects in the Appalachian Mountains, releasing threatened quail populations into sustainable environments, and sampling mosquitos for West Nile virus are all experiences students in UNT's Bachelor of Science in Ecology for Environmental Science degree program didn't expect to have before they graduated.

UNT was the first university in the Dallas-Fort Worth region to offer an ecology for environmental science degree for undergraduates, and the program's first three students graduated on May 10. Students in the program gain hands-on experience in laboratories and in the field, which is vital to their education and future careers.

College of Innovation: Engineering Solutions at UNT

Story by: Leslie Wimmer

About 10 years ago, Phil Foster was on Galveston Island watching gas-powered cars drive back and forth along Seawall Boulevard. “I thought how progressive it would be to see gasoline-electric hybrid cars driving there instead,” says Foster, associate professor and coordinator of mechanical engineering technology in the University of North Texas College of Engineering. “Better yet, what if the cars didn’t rely on gasoline to be recharged? Hybrid cars that wouldn’t pollute the air with emissions from burning fossil fuels?”