Sustainability tours influence youth and promote partnerships

DENTON (UNT), TX — UNT's Office of Sustainability has been busy with its UNT Sustainability Tour. Two recent groups participating in the Tour were Duncanville ISD and representatives from SuBire Business School, a private K-12 school system in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Duncanville ISD brought a group of more than one-hundred 6th graders to UNT's campus. These energized students attended the Tour to learn more about renewable energy at schools as part of a class project. The students visited Apogee Stadium, the Environmental Education, Science and Technology (EESAT) building, and the Zero Energy (ZOE) lab at Discovery Park. On the Tour, students experienced how UNT incorporates sustainable technologies in a way that benefits the entire community. The students were also introduced to many of the traditions at UNT, allowing them to gain a better idea of UNT's culture.

“The Duncanville students were amazing and showed a lot of enthusiasm learning about renewable energy, green spaces, and other sustainable practices at UNT.” Tour coordinator Codi Knaupp said. “The students also seemed to enjoy being down on the football field, learning how it too promotes sustainability by being made of recycled tires.”

In December, visitors from SuBire Business School participated in a tour of the Business Leadership Building, the Life Sciences Complex, the ESSAT, the ZOE lab, and Apogee Stadium. SuBire is a private K-12 school in Guadalajara, Mexico that teaches its students to develop sustainable, economic solutions to global development challenges.

“Our SuBire visitors really enjoyed seeing how UNT integrates innovative technologies, environmental awareness, and educational activities into many of its sustainability initiatives.” Knaupp stated.

SuBire and UNT have partnered to explore ways to increase the understanding of potential sustainable solutions, explore research in sustainability, and encourage students from Mexico to join the UNT family in its many educational programs related to sustainability. The Tour further provided visitors from SuBire an opportunity to see how sustainability has affected the UNT community in a positive way.

The UNT Sustainability Tour is now accepting reservations for the spring and summer of 2013. For more information, please contact Codi Knaupp at

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