Sustainability Campus Tours

Since 1890, the University of North Texas has been a catalyst for transformation for its students and the North Texas region. As the nation’s 26th largest university, UNT is dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience to its 36,000 students while fueling the intellectual, economic, and cultural progress of one of the largest, most dynamic regions in the United States.

The UNT Sustainability Tour offers a look at some of the most innovative features here at UNT. From buildings with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification, to educational programs, to renewable energy, you or your group can get a sneak peak at what makes UNT green. We will customize your experience, whether you are a potential student, a local government, a school group, or a business looking for ideas.

On the Tour:

LEED Buildings: You will get an in depth look at the sustainable design of the Gold Certified Life Sciences Complex, the Gold Certified Business Leadership Building, and our Award-winning Platinum Certified Apogee Stadium. You will also get to see our Energy Star Certified residential building, Crumley Hall.

Educational Programs: You will learn more about our great initiatives at work, such as UNT's Green Office Certification Program, our S.M.A.R.T. energy program, and the largest Human Power Plant in the nation, located at the Pohl Recreation Center.mean greens

Sustainable Services: See the implementation of great services to our students, faculty, and staff. With exceptional recycling, filtered water stations for reusable bottles, and bike repair stations throughout campus, UNT is able to provide the means to live and work the Eco-friendly way. You'll also see our organic fair-trade coffee shop and tour our all vegan dining hall.

Renewable Energy: You will see the latest technology in renewable energy and energy efficient design. From the three wind turbines that power Apogee Stadium, to our groundbreaking Zero Energy lab at Discovery Park, you can see how UNT offsets its energy use while facilitating research to make renewable energy better for everyone.

Enhancing Culture: Pass through the most historic areas on campus and view the many historical markers that describe the momentous events, persons, and sites that make up UNT's 123-year history. You will also learn about the many traditions and daily activities at UNT that make it a great place to be.

Green Spaces: Tour the many amazing green spaces on campus and learn how UNT uses its natural environment to offset carbon emmissions and create a beautiful campus setting enjoyed by students year-round.


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