Marijke Breuning


Department : 
Political Science
Areas of Expertise
Dr. Breuning specializes in international relations. Her core research interests include foreign policy analysis, development cooperation and foreign aid with additional interests in ethnic politics, women/gender and politics, and the politics of intercountry adoption. She serves as a member of the inaugural editorial teams of Foreign Policy Analysis and the Journal of Political Science Education. Dr. Breuning is also a part of the four person editorial team of the American Political Science Review.

Ph.D., Political Science, Ohio State University, 1992
M.A., Journalism, Ohio State University, 1983
B.A., Political Science, Ohio State University, 1982


PSCI 3810: International Relations
PSCI 5820: Seminar in International Relations
PSCI 4820: Contemporary International Relations
PSCI 4800: The Politics of International Organization


Hancock, K., Baum M., & Breuning, M. (2012). Women and pre-tenure scholarly productivity in international studies: An investigation into the leaky career pipeline. International Studies Perspectives.

Breuning, M. (2012). What explains openness to intercountry adoption? Social Science Quarterly.

Ishiyama, J., & Breuning, M. (2012). Educational access and peace duration in post conflict countries. International Interactions, 38(1), 58-78.

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Books/Books Edited/Chapters

Breuning, M. (2012). Re-constructing development assistance: Analogies, ideas, and norms at the dawn of the new millennium. In V. Shannon & P. Kowert (Eds.), Psychology, Constructivism, and International Relations: An Ideational Alliance. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.

Breuning, Marijke, and Christopher Linebarger. 2012. “Foreign Aid.” In S.W. Hook & C. M. Jones (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of American Foreign Policy. Routledge.

Breuning, M. (2011). Role theory research in international relations. In S. Harnisch, C. Frank & H. Maull (Eds.), Role Theory Research in International Relations: Conceptual Challenges and Political Promise. Routledge.

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Balarezo, C., & Breuning, M. (2013, July). Enduring peace with children? Displaced populations, orphans, and civil war. To be presented at: Children and War: Past and Present – Second International Multidisciplinary Conference, Salzburg, Austria.

Breuning, M. (2013, April). The Hague Convention and the politics of intercountry adoption. To be presented at: Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, San Francisco, California.

Breuning, M., & Blanton, R. (2012, April). What makes IS programs grow? A survey-based assessment. Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, San Diego, California.

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