Sustainability Research

Sustainability Faculty

As the University of North Texas strives to become a nationally recognized research institution, it is committed to give its students the best undergraduate experience in Texas. This goal demands exemplary faculty and innovative teaching and collaboration campus wide. Below is a list of UNT faculty who teach and/or conduct research in sustainability related areas.


Sustainability Research

At UNT, sustainability research is aimed at solving complex problems through interdisciplinary collaboration, creativity, and innovation. UNT’s strategic research plan focuses on advancing cutting-edge sciences, and the sustainability sciences are of primary importance. UNT Sustainability works closely with UNT's Office of Research & Economic Development to optimizing research support, program development, and funding opportunities.

eesat wind turbine from smart schools grantSustainability Research Clusters

  • UNT Sustainability facilitates and supports sustainability-focused research clusters.
  • UNT’s sustainability-focused research clusters bring together collaborative, cross-disciplinary teams comprised of leading researchers, faculty, and students.
  • Research clusters offer an expansive research infrastructure to address complex phenomena within the three dimensions of sustainability— social, economic, and environmental.


How can we help you?

UNT Sustainability works closely with leading research faculty, programs, and clusters to identify opportunities, facilitate partnerships, and build cohesion to enhance research in areas of environmental, economic, social, and technological sciences.

As a sustainability researcher or faculty member it can be a challenge to find the resources you need to accomplish your project goals. Challenges may lie in where to find an appropriate source of funding, working through the application process, identifying the right individuals for support or collaboration, or simply having a professional eye review an application before submittal. With UNT Sustainability's extensive involvement in the research and professional community, we are able to provide you with a broad support network to fit your needs.

UNT Sustainability can aid researchers by:

  • Teaching about the grant submission process for sustainability researchers
  • Assisting to develop your application and provide input when necessary
  • Creating a bridge to attain letters of support
  • Leveraging contacts for project desires and inquiries
  • Forming interdisciplinary teams that promote collaborative possibilities

Email UNT Sustainability today to learn more about how we can help you discover research opportunities, funding, and prospective partners.