SGA passes resolution for more online courses

online courses at nutThe Student Government Association passed Resolution F2011-8, to show their support of the University of North Texas offering more online classes. This resolution should lend support to the university’s commitment to lowering their environmental impact by reducing the number of students traveling to campus daily.

There are many important benefits that could come from our university offering more online classes. According to the resolution, it would enable nontraditional students to take classes and keep up with their other responsibilities- such as parenting or working. For traditional students it would allow them to take more classes and possibly finish early or be more interactive with the campus. More online classes offered would also be good news for students who would like to go to UNT, but the commute is too far.

Online classes tend to free up students schedule to pursue more community or career driven activities; such as attend university events, join organizations, or have a more flexible schedule to offer potential employers. Also online classes can prepare students for the professional world because without time management and organizational skills one would find it very difficult to exceed in an online course. As Kevin Badon, student senator from the College of Arts and Sciences, said during an interview, “It may actually make you more enticing as a job applicant because managing your own education says multiple things about your character.”

Kevin wants the university to act in preparedness in response to the growing number of non-traditional students at UNT and offer classes that will better allow them to uphold the other responsibilities that may aid in making higher education possible for them. Supporting Resolution F2011-8 showed their support not only for the students of this university, but to its commitment to making it a sustainable place by offering a program that will allow it to grow without contributing to overgrowth of its infrastructure.

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