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Office of Sustainability UNT Sustainability

UNT Sustainability staff members are dedicated individuals, each offering exceptional experience from a diverse variety of backgrounds. Bringing together students, interns, volunteers, administrators, faculty and support staff, UNT Sustainability has a unique position to approach and accomplish numerous development issues that confront our university – and our planet – today.

UNT Sustainability Council

Consisting of UNT President-appointed students, faculty and staff, the UNT Sustainability Council led the effort to establish UNT's Office of Sustainability in 2009, to focus efforts on 28 initiatives outlined in the inaugral Green Paper #1. The Sustainability Council's 28 recommendations still guide UNT leaders to improve campus infrastructure and develop programs that engage students, faculty, and staff in a transformative movement, making UNT one of the most sustainable universities in the nation.

wmg fund logoWe Mean Green Fund Committee

The We Mean Green Fund Committee members review suggestions and selects and recommends projects to be funded by the student-funded We Mean Green Fund. Proposals that promote sustainability at UNT are solicited and accepted year round.

Go Green

go green logoGo Green is a student-led, environmental stewardship program that was launched in the fall of 2008 throughout UNT's residence halls. Its mission is to guide residents into sustainable lifestyles. To do so, Go Green reps work to integrate environmental stewardship into residence culture through education, outreach and practice. It is an exciting mentoring program that promotes sustainability, leadership, planning skills and lasting connections.