In addition to seeking renewable energy applications, here at UNT we realize that it’s not just about where your energy comes from, but how much you use as well. UNT has made efforts to reduce and track its energy usage by signing a three year performance contract that will have campus wide savings in energy and cost. SMART is the campus project name for the energy savings performance contract. It stands for Save/Measure/Achieve/Reduce/Track.

What does SMART stand for?

  • Save - energy and water.
  • Measure - savings, and increase metering.
  • Achieve - sustainability goals and efficient building operations.
  • Reduce - carbon footprint and other emissions.
  • Track - to verify savings, by implementing an energy dashboard.


The contract has a cost of $42,386,339, and is self-funded with guaranteed energy savings over $3 million/year over the course of 20 years. There is a guaranteed $67 million savings by Schneider Electric, and has no cost impact to students or programs.  For more information about the SMART program, visit the website at smartenergy.unt.edu.