Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

blink charging stations The Electric Vehicle (EV) project installed six EV charging stations to the UNT campus. The idea was proposed and submitted to the We Mean Green Fund by UNT student Matthew McCallum and staff member Brad Holt. Funding will come from both ECOtality, manufacturer of the EV stations, through Department of Energy grant funding as part of the EV Project and the We Mean Green Fund (WMGF).

Placement of the stations was determined by UNT Facilities and was based on a balance between cost-effectiveness and potential utility. Associated efforts will be integrated to collect and analyze data to characterize vehicle use in diverse topographic and climatic conditions, evaluates the effectiveness of charge infrastructure, and conducts trials of various revenue systems for commercial and public charge infrastructures.

The purpose of this project is to promote research and affect behavior change. Researchers will take the information from the current EV market and the infrastructure supporting the electric vehicles to identify models to improve the viability of electric vehicle purchase and use. The installation of EV charging stations at UNT helps fulfill the mission of the WMGF, “reducing the amount waste created on campus and encouraging sustainable behaviors” by encouraging the use of electric vehicles, and further positions UNT as a leader in sustainability.

Two charging stations are located in the RTVF building parking lot, two stations will be located in the Wooten Hall parking lot, and two stations will be located outside the Environmental Science Building.

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