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green office guidebookGreen Office Guide

Do your part to make UNT a more sustainable place! This handy guidebook gives you the basic resources you need to start making a difference at your desk. Whether it's sustainable purchasing, recycling, or conserving energy, you can be a catalyst for change. Once you start, others will follow!




water conservation guidebookWater Conservation Guide

Water is an essential natural resource. Necessary for sanitation, hydration, and the production of many products. The amount of potable water that is available to us is quickly dwindling. It is up to us to make sure that we have enough water to drink and be sanitary for many generations to come. Read this guidebook to find out how you can do your part.




green your room guidebookGreen Your Small Space Guide

Learn everything you need to know to mean green in your home away from home at UNT. Whether it’s a small apartment, a resident hall room, or the small spaces you have to yourself in the sorority house, this guide helps you make better and greener decisions for the planet and your health.




waste reduction green guideWaste Reduction Green Guide

Conserve the planet's natural resources with this green guide to reduce waste. From composting, to reusing, to recycling, this handy guide gives you a headstart to living a waste free lifestyle.





green your transportation guidebookGreen Your Transportation Guide

How do you get to campus? This guide helps you lower your impact while you get where you need to go. This guide has resources to help you bike, walk, use public transit, and ride share.






fall holiday guidebook

Green Your Fall Holiday Guide

Find out how to make every aspect of your fall holiday plans more sustainable from the cleaning, the food, the waste, and even the activities.





fall holiday gift guidebook

Give the Greenest Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a time to celebrate the spirit of giving. But giving your friends and family a lot of extra stuff made out of a lot of extra natural resources is more like taking than giving. This year, try to give gifts that have a lot of impact on the recipient and less impact on the earth. This guide helps you choose gifts that help others live a more sustainable lifestyles, or that go an extra mile by helping others in need. We also have tips for you to give gifts that aren’t stuff at all and are still as memorable as ever.



fall holiday gift guidebook

Sustainability for the New Year: Making 2012 just a little bit Greener

When the New Year comes around, people start thinking about their future and focusing on ways to improve their lives. Many New Year’s resolutions include being more organized, better managing  finances, or even going back to school. These are great ideas to improve your own future. But what about everyone else's future? This guide helps you make some easy resolutions to create a better future for the whole planet. Look inside to see how!


green tailgating guidebook

Green Tailgating Guide

Get some great tips on how to support the Mean Green with less waste! From what to eat, drink, and how to party, this fun little guide will help you make more sustainable decisions for a better tomorrow. Score big, and mean green!