Giving Opportunity Connects Students to Global Children

school drive donations donorThe Nepalese Student Association is hosting a school supplies drive for the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). Students, staff and faculty can bring items either to room 286 in Sycamore Hall now until December 7th or to the 1 o’clock Lounge in the Union on December 6th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and December 7th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

ECDC is a non-profit organization that helps children whose parents are in prison and who have no one to care for them. They provide necessities for these children like food, school supplies, clothes, and a safe haven. ECDC’s Butterfly home provides a safe place for children under five to develop, which hopefully encourages an end to the violence and crime that they have been exposed to. In the beginning, ECDC was only able to provide a day care service. After fundraising and generous donations they were able to create a residential home for children between the ages of 5-16.

The school supplies drive that the Nepalese Student Association is hosting embodies social sustainability, because it gives University of North Texas students a chance to help these Nepalese students. Even though they are in a different region of the globe and live in very different conditions, we can relate to the children, because we both are bettering ourselves through education. Lhamu Tsering, a Masters Degree student from the College of Economics and orchestrator of the school supplies drive, said, “All these books, pencils, puzzles, crayons, colors, etc. that you donate will remind them that they are not alone.” Our donations can remind us that our actions can be impactful, especially if we take the right ones.

They have been accepting donations throughout all of November and have received some wonderful donations. Based on what they have received thus far, they still need notebooks, pencil sharpeners, erasers and colored pencils, but all donations will be much appreciated. The donations of school supplies will free up other funds that the ECDC can use elsewhere. The school supplies drive is the perfect opportunity to jump start your giving spirit by giving a gift to a student across the globe- everything given is a little bit more than they had before the gift.

During our interview, Lhamu said to me, “We are in an era where we no longer can think locally, GLOBAL is the new mantra.” This couldn’t be any truer; based on our current state of affairs, the effects of almost every decision we make can have global implications. We must begin to consider these implications, and a great way to initiate that mindset is to help someone across the world so we can observe the impact of that action.

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