Filtered Water Stations Installed with We Mean Green Fund

DENTON (UNT), Texas —Water fill stations are now available for students, staff, and faculty to fill up reusable water bottles with clean filtered water. They are placed throughout campus buildings such as the Eagle Student Service Center, the Union, and many others. 

The We Mean Green Fund Committee reviewed the project and approved a grant to fund stations last spring. Currently, there are 14 stations. Another six have been ordered, but site locations have not been identified.

Rick McCormick, UNT facilities manager, explained that the water stations get water from the Domestic City Water piping, which is the same for the regular water fountains. The only difference is that the stations contain filters to remove fluoride, minerals, and other contaminates normally found in tap water.

“It is healthier,” McCormick said. “Removing the contaminates that you don’t want to taste, it makes the water taste better.” 

The purpose of these stations is to allow students and employees to refill their personal reusable water bottles and save money on buying disposable bottled water that may end up in a landfill.

According to Green Upgrader, every year, nearly 38 million water bottles are thrown away and end up in the landfill. Plastic bottles can take up to 700 hundred years to break down. Over time as the bottles decompose, soil, wildlife and waterways can become contaminated.

The average person consumes 170 bottles of water every year, which can be cut in half by using a reusable bottle. Look for the new filtered water stations in the following buildings to save money and live sustainably: Wooten Hall, Chilton Hall, the General Academic Building, the Language Building, Life Science A, and the Music Building.

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