Electric Vehicle charging stations come to UNT

DENTON (UNT), Texas — Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations will be available for use within the close of the Fall Semester at the University of North Texas.  There will be a total of six stations in three locations: Wooten Hall parking lot, the Radio Television Video and Film building lot and the Environmental Education Science and Technology building parking lot. 

In an effort to continue to be sustainable, UNT purchased the Blink stations from the company ECOtality.  The stations are equipped with a 60-inch charger and a handicap-accessible charger.

Junior Matthew McCallum, biology major, is the student that proposed the idea with staff member Brad Holt, at the We Mean Green Fund committee, to have the stations installed.

“I was really interested in the whole electric car movement and have ben looking around at different stations,” McCallum said. “I’m hoping it will encourage people to get electric cars.”

The We Mean Green Fund committee purchased the stations for $65,737 for the electrical work and equipment as well as construction, restriping and signage. ECOtality provided UNT with an additional $13,500 grant for cost of the stations.

Ryan Carey, a graduate student that helps manage We Mean Green Fund projects, believes that there will be an upswing in electric car purchasing and that UNT is willing to accommodate that.  He said that if someone has this type of car, it could be left at an EV station to charge while a student goes to class.

“They won’t have to pay for gas,” Carey said. “The EV rates are significantly lower than the price of gas per gallon and it is better for the environment.”

 McCallum would also like to see others invest in electrics cars because it will be more efficient us of the environment. America has a dependency on foreign fuel and owning an electric vehicle can lessen that dependency.

The Tesla Roadster, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are just a few of the cars that could be plugged into the new EV charging stations. UNT is not the first university to have EV charging stations; the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of California in Los Angeles and Vanderbilt have them on their campuses.

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