Creating Great Global Citizens

The Creating Great Global Citizens Initiative began in the spring of 2011, as a collaborative effort between the UNT Sustainability, the Division of Equity & Diversity, and UNT International. Recognizing the synergistic relationship, these areas work to promote activities that make our students Great Global Citizens. The initiative centers around the Great Global Citizens Scholarship Fund.

The purpose of the Great Global Citizens Scholarship is to assist students who seek to engage in activities that develop a stronger approach to living more sustainably, an acceptance of other cultures, and a tolerance of varying perspectives. Areas of support could include tuition assistance, internships, merit or need-based scholarships, study-abroad, or research reflecting the nexus of these themes.

Great Global Citizens are those who live sustainable lives to enhance communities around the globe. They are…

  • Business professionals establishing sustainable practices in the community
  • Philanthropists empowering others through humanitarian assistance
  • Scientists creating the technologies of the future
  • Teachers guiding the global youth
  • Political leaders advocating for those who have no voice
  • Problem-solvers developing innovative solutions
  • Facilitators bringing people together
  • Storytellers enhancing the identity of a culture
  • Doctors treating the malnourished, sick, and dying
  • Citizens preserving the world’s natural resources
  • Investors promoting novel funding models for entrepreneurs

To learn more about the Great Global Citizens initiative, or how you can support the scholarship fund, email today!


Celebrating Great Global Citizens Month

By coming together in the spirit of learning and celebration, UNT prepares and empowers its students to solve the extremely complex problems that confront the global community. Each year, the month of April is officially designated as Celebrating Great Global Citizens Month. During this month we recognize individuals and groups that embody the ideals of great global citizenship, as well as educate and engage the campus community about sustainability, equity, and internationalism. The month's celebration culminates in the Creating Great Global Citizens Gala, where members of the UNT family and other supporters gather to recognize those individuals who have realized excellence to create great global citizens and to support the growth of the Great Global Citizens Scholarship Fund. 


UNT International

UNT-International provides leadership in all areas of international education:

  • Guiding and promoting the comprehensive internationalization of UNT
  • Helping UNT create a learning environment designed to make the connections between internationalization, diversity and multiculturalism
  • Promoting collaboration to enrich campus life
  • Developing an informed global citizenry
  • Fostering a host of connections with people and institutions beyond our region


The Division of Equity and Diversity

The Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity partners with the entire campus community to create an inclusive environment that prepares and promotes UNT student success in a global marketplace. Indeed, equity & diversity of communities is a critical component of social sustainability and international cultures.