2011 Fossil Fuel Study

Fossil Fuel Study Cover Image

In Spring 2011, UNT’s Office of Sustainability was charged to conduct a ;comprehensive analysis on how UNT could eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels. Through collaboration with UNT’s Sustainability Council and UNT Facilities, the Office of Sustainability developed the 2011 Fossil Fuel Study(FFS).

The FFS assesses UNT’s energy demand and supply. The FFS illustrates alternative solutions to energy from fossil fuels and several options to transition the university toward renewable energy. The study also offers a formal recommendation on how UNT can achieve this goal. The options and recommendation given can be considered independently, or combined to form a more comprehensive strategy.

Ultimately UNT will need to conduct further investigations regarding the logistics and viability of any strategy. To read the 2011 Fossil Fuel Study online, click on the links to the right to navigate throughout the chapters. To view and download the PDF, click here